Yummy Spoonfuls Frozen Baby FoodWeb site: YummySpoonfuls.com

Like almost every baby food story, Yummy Spoonfuls has a committed mom behind the creation of its organic baby food line. Founder Agatha Achindu was inspired by her love of cooking and her disgust at jarred baby foods. As she notes on her web site: “none of the (commercially jarred baby) foods was recognizable; peas were brownish green, and carrots were dull brown.” Flash freezing baby food helps it keep the color and flavor of the ingredients. All the ingredients used in Yummy Spoonfuls are certified by the USDA to be grown organically. Flavors include carrots, broccoli, butternut squash, apples, green beans, pears and peas as well as variety packs–more than 25 flavors.

They also make three stages of baby food: Creamy Yummy, Mushy Yummy and Chunky Yummy. Parents seem to like Yummy Spoonfuls. They note the fruits and vegetables are the right color and taste–bright orange carrots and cream colored bananas. So what’s the negatives about Yummy Spoonfuls: price. At 81¢ per oz.,

 these foods are three times as expensive as Earth’s Best! Makes you want to hit the kitchen and make your own.

FYI: Yummy Spoonfuls is available for sale in Target stores that carry groceries.

Rating: A-