A1QSkfGfJgS._SL1500_Web site: BellaBabyFoods.com

Bella Baby Food is one of a few baby food manufacturers who doesn’t “can” their foods; they freeze their organic (and Kosher) ingredients. The company (named after the founders’ daughter Bella) offers typical flavors like apple as well as some fun ones like mango, pumpkin and even spinach. They don’t offer combinations, but encourage parents to mix and match on their own for greater flexibility.

You can order directly from their site with a minimum of six packages for a flat price of $7.33 per item (includes shipping). Each package includes ten 1.5 oz. packets. That works out to 49¢ per ounce making it more affordable than other frozen food options but still twice the cost of jarred foods. Parents report that the taste is impressive. Rating: A