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Playtex’s pitch for their bottles can be summed up with one word: vents. Vents are supposed to reduce air bubbles. Theoretically, less air in the tummy, less gas and pain, less colic.

The Playtex VentAire combines vents with an angled bottle to “promote semi-upright feeding” to help avoid ear infections.

Playtex also touts their bottle’s convenience: there are fewer parts to clean, you can use any Playtex nipple or cap on the VentAire bottles, and the wide opening makes it easier to fill and clean.

Available in 6 oz. and 9 oz. sizes, Playtex bottles are very affordable. Sold in three-bottle packs, the 6 oz. bottles are $6.57 and the 9 oz. bottles are $10.43. Per bottle, that’s only about $4.50 to $6 per bottle. An infant starter set is available for only $22 and includes three 6 oz. bottles and two 9 oz. bottles as well as extra nipples, bottle caps and vent disks. You can also purchase a variety of extra nipples: the Breastlike nipple (designed to mimic a mom’s breast), the Angled nipple, the Fullsized nipple and the Petite nipple.

The biggest complaint about these bottles was leaking. While they worked fine at first, the gasket seemed to deteriorate and eventually the bottle leaks. It’s also easy to unscrew the base accidentally, causing a flood of milk or formula. Overall, the feedback on these bottles has been just okay. Other bottles scored higher, although these bottles have their fans (especially for their affordability).

Playtex also makes a bottle called Simply Playtex. It has a vented nipple like the VentAire, but the bottle is straight not angled. Playtex touts the Simply Playtex bottle as easy to clean with only three parts. These bottles are so new, we don’t have any parental feedback yet.

Platex Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop in Liners

Platex Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop in Liners

FYI: Playtex still makes their baby bottles with Drop In Liners  ($10.88 for three). The concept has been around for years: pre-sterilized disposable liners are plopped into the angled bottles, screw on the nipple and go. The liners are supposed to collapse as baby sucks, keeping air out of baby’s milk. These bottles have slightly better feedback from readers compared to the VentAire.

Rating: B-