Medela Calma baby bottleWeb site:

Medela is the 800 pound gorilla in the world of breast pumps—their products have rightly earned numerous kudos and awards. So when they entered the bottle space recently, you’d think they’d have another hit on their hands.


With their focus on breastfeeding, Medela designed their baby bottle and nipple, called the Calma, to force baby to suckle in the same way as at the breast. The sales pitch: “milk will only flow if your baby works and creates a vacuum to remove the milk.” The end result: your baby transitions with ease from breast to bottle and back. The 5 oz. version sells for $13.50 and the 8 oz. version sells for $16.

Unfortunately, this bottle is a disaster. The reviews from our readers have been overwhelmingly negative. The problem: once baby gets the suction right, the milk comes gushing out of the bottle, causing babies to gag or spill. The elongated nipple comes in for more criticism—it is too long for some smaller babies.

Bottom line: this bottle is a rare miss for Medela. The Calma is a loser. Rating: D-