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We never thought a baby bottle could be the “hot new thing.” That is, until comotomo took the US by storm. With their unique, flexible bottle and ergonomic shape (thanks to medical grade silicone), they have become a parent favorite. Here’s a quick look at the line:

The rounded bottles come in two sizes (5 oz and 8 oz) and include a double vented nipple for colic prevention. Another plus: the silicone base makes it easy to clean–you can turn it inside out (see video below). They can be boiled to sterilize or washed in the dishwasher. Price: $13 for one 5 oz. bottle and $15 for one 8 oz. bottle.

Parents love the soft, fuzzy feel of these bottle, saying it helps transition from breast to bottle and back. The bottle shape, however, makes them a bit tippy and squirtable (especially the 5 oz.), so be careful!

Another caveat to comotomo: you can warm up milk in the microwave using these bottles, but because of the thick silicone, you may not be able to judge how hot the milk or formula is–consider heating the milk in another container first then pouring it into the bottle.

All in all, reader feedback on these bottles has been quite positive. Yes, they are pricey, but parents tell us they are worth the it.

Rating: A