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Here’s the #1 best-selling bottle in America (well, at least on Amazon). What makes Dr. Brown’s so successful?

Dr. Brown’s two piece system vent system (called Natural Flow) creates what the company calls “positive-pressure flow.” While baby feeds, the air “is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system.” It never enters the milk or formula so baby doesn’t take in air and the nipple won’t collapse because a vacuum can’t occur in the bottle. The claim: Dr. Brown’s reduces colic, spit-up and gas.

Dr. Browns comes in two categories: The Original Natural Flow and Options. Within each categories, they offer a narrow bottle, wide neck and tinted versions. Options also has a glass wide neck version.

Options is similar to the Natural Flow yet gives parents the “option to use it with or without the internal vent.” While the company still recommends the vent, they note that some parents like to remove the vent later once baby has really got the hang of feeding. We found the new bottles on Amazon for $23 for four 4 oz. bottles.


Dr. Browns Options baby bottle

The Options baby bottle gives parents the choice to use it with or without the vent system.

The verdict from parents: Dr. Brown’s is a winner. Many readers tell us they fell for some cool looking other bottle that promised less gas or colic, only to come running back to their Dr. Brown’s. Overall feedback from parents is excellent—the bottles score an impressive 82% rating (four and five star reviews) on Amazon.

Are they perfect? Critics say Dr. Brown’s bottles can leak (especially if you shake them). Parents note the newer Options bottles actually leak more than the Original Natural Flow bottles. Another negative: there are a lot of parts to clean. And some parents say the nipple on the wide-neck version is difficult for some babies to latch on to. These minor criticisms aside, Dr. Brown’s bottles generally garner very positive feedback, especially the Original versions.

Rating: A