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Colic in the house? MAM promises the end of colic with their new Anti-Colic baby bottles. MAM cites a medical study in 2011 that showed an 80% reduction in colic in babies who used their bottles.

Before we talk real world experiences, let’s go over pricing. MAM comes in three sizes like most bottles: 5 oz. ($9 for two bottles), 9 oz. ($9 for two) and 11 oz. ($10 each). The smaller bottles (Anti-Colic, 0 to 6 months of age) come with a patented vented nipple to combat colic. You can buy nipples separately as your child ages ($4 to $5 for two medium flow nipples, for example). Overall, we’d call MAM’s pricing int he mid-range of bottles on the market today.

Fans of MAM bottles like that they can be “self-sterilized” in a microwave. That means you fill the bottom with a bit of water, screw on the top and then microwave for 3 minutes. Cleaning for MAM is excellent—because you can unscrew the bottom of the bottle as well as the top.

So what do parents think of MAM? Feedback is pretty darn positive, according to our readers. Yes, these bottles actually reduce colic. And babies love the nipple—which can be a problem . . . parents say that babies refuse to take other bottles since they like the MAM nipple so much.

One caveat: some parents had trouble with leaking–this is probably due to the MAM’s numerous parts. More parts = great chance of mis-assembing the bottle and leaks.

Overall, however, MAM is a winner.

Rating: A