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Bottles are just bottles, but nipples–that’s what’s really important. First Years emphasizes the “patented 2-in-1” nipple on their Breastflow bottles. Yes, there are actually two nipples. The claim: it allows baby to control the flow of the milk or formula, making it more like breastfeeding. The nipple’s shape and consistency is more like a mom’s breast, making for an easier transition from breast to bottle, the company claims.

The bottles are priced reasonably with a starter set of four bottles (two sizes), a snap on container for snacks for formula, and a bottle brush for only $22. Sets of three 5 oz. bottles cost $22 and nipples are sold separately for about $8 for two.

How well do they work? According to most of our readers, Breastflow bottles are great. They do mimic breastfeeding pretty well, meaning exclusively breast fed babies find them easy to get used to. However, it’s important to assemble the Breastflow correctly (the two nipples have to match up correctly) so they don’t leak.

Critics of these bottles were frustrated that milk gets caught between the two nipples–a huge waist of breast milk! A few complaints have surfaced that the nipple collapses as well. Overall, parents aren’t too impressed with Breastflow bottles, so we’ll lower their rating to a C. The rating below is for the Breastflow bottles only.

Rating: C