6159O9bFsLL._SL1200_Web site: Squooshi.com

Price: $17 to $20 for 8 pouches

Comments: The cutsey Squooshi name matches the bright-colored animal motifs of these pouches. Like other competitors, Squooshi pouches are filled from the bottom and sealed with a double zip lock. They hold slightly less than other pouches, only 4.5 oz. While readers generally give Squooshi a thumbs up, a few critics complain the plastic nozzle is too hard on baby’s gums and teeth. To address this issue, Squooshi sells starter kits that include two silicone Sip ‘n Soft tops (made by ). You can also buy these separately from Choomee’s web site or online. Overall, parents really like the Squooshi’s. Rating: A-