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Word of caution as we embark on our review of Joovy’s Boob baby bottle: if you’re at work right now, your boss might be not appreciate the excessive appearance of “boob” in your browsing history (I was looking at baby bottles, I swear!). And now we have license to say “boob” in this review about a hundred times (middle schoolers from around the world are already giggling).

So why call your bottle the “Boob“?

Joovy claims their bottle is best at transitioning baby from breast to bottle. They tout their 1-piece “CleanFlow” vent for eliminating excess air (and colic) no matter which way you hold the bottle. Jovvy’s nipples come in five flow rates and are baked to help strengthen the silicone. Joovy claims baking will defeat the dreaded nipple collapse issues of other brands’ nipples.

The Boob bottle is available in a mind-numbing six different configurations: PPSU (polyphenylsulfone; a heat and chemical resistant moldable plastic; two 5 oz. bottles for $26), glass ($15 for one 5 oz. bottle), glass with a silicone sleeve($18 for one 5 0z. bottle), PPSU with insulation ($13.60 for one 5 oz. bottle), a less expensive PP version (polypropylene; $11 for two 5 oz. bottles), and a PP version with insulation ($9 for one 5 oz. bottle). Whew! There will be a quiz on this tomorrow.

New for 2081: Diamond silicate glass bottles. Joovy tells us the glass in these bottles is harder and more thermal heat resistant. You can take them from the refrigerator to the microwave without worrying they’ll break. These new bottles are expected in stores in May and will cost $17 or $24 (with sleeve).

Nipples, vents, insulators, pump adapters, silicone sleeves and sealing caps are available as accessories.

As you may have noticed, these bottles are pretty expensive. Clearly Joovy realizes customers will balk at the PPSU bottle prices, so they added the PP bottles to the line as a “cost effective choice without sacrificing quality.” Yes, they have the same design, vent and nipple, but not the same clear, hard plastic.

Joovy Boob Naturally Nood Nipples

Joovy’s newest nipple is the Boob Naturally Nood Nipple with textured exterior, softer silicone and ribbing inside.

New in 2016, Joovy is introducing a softer silicone nipple, call the Naturally Nood Nipple, with a textured “areola” on the outside and special ribs on the inside. These stretchy new nipples are supposed to be even more like a real human nipple. Price: $7 for a two-nipple pack of low flow nipples.

Besides the steep price, some parents complained that the measurement markings on the side of the bottles wore off after use, particularly on the PP bottles. That’s disappointing for a $13 bottle.  Another frustration: the bottles can leak if you’re not careful when assembling.

Despite these criticisms, most of our reader feedback on Joovy’s Boob bottle is positive. Fans like the overall design and say they work well. Rating: A-