Sony Baby Call baby monitorThis monitor appears to be discontinued, but is still for sale online.

If you want to chart the decline of the Sony brand, using this baby monitor would be an apt illustration.

The Sony BabyCall NTM-910 is a 27-channel model with rechargeable batteries for $35 single, $51 dual. Yes, you read that right—the BabyCall has 27 channels (most monitors have at most one or two).

The downside? Well, the receiver is rather bulky. And since this monitor isn’t digital, it is possible to eavesdrop on the signal. And the 900 MHz frequency has less range than 2.4 GHz or DECT. But this model does have an out-of-range indicator and an optional sound-activated mode that silences the receiver until sufficient noise activates it.

So all that looks good, at least on paper? Well, this monitor was first released over ten years ago. And Sony hasn’t changed it much in all those years. The best-selling models today have DECT digital technology, which not only offers privacy but also helps eliminate interference from other home electronics. By sticking with ten-year-old technology, Sony has made a big mistake.

Even worse, the reviews of this model in recent years suggest Sony has cut corners with this model’s manufacturing. Now, we see complaints about out of range alarms that go off frequently. And that’s just the beginning—the reviews are downright brutal. Why Sony keeps this model in the shelf is hard to understand.

In the past year, Sony released and then discontinued a digital monitor, the NTM-DA1 ($25). Although it is still for sale online, we wouldn’t recommend it—readers were disappointed with the audio quality, range and overall sensitivity. The failure of their digital model indicates the problems with Sony’s baby monitors go beyond a lack of current technology.

Bottom line: Sony’s baby monitor is past its prime. Yes, we did recommend this monitor years ago, but there are better options out there now.

Rating: D