Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio

Safety 1st offers three audio baby monitors, including the a Sure Glow, Sound Moments and Crystal Clear monitors. All are affordable priced with mostly basic features.

Example: the Crystal Clear (pictured), a bare bones 49 MHz model with no sound and light display for $18. The monitor also comes in pink or blue as well as a two receiver model (Crystal Clear Monitor 2, $36)

The Sure Glow ($20 for single version, $36 for double) is another 49 mhz monitor in the line. It includes sound and lights and an audio jack for headphones.

The above models are analog monitors; Safety 1st’s sole entry in the digital monitor category is the High Def Monitor. This simple monitor features DECT technology, sound/light display, rechargeable battery, out of range and low battery indicators. This monitor sells for about $34—one of the more affordable digital monitors on the market. FYI: This monitor no longer appears on Safety 1st’s web site although it is still for sale online.

So, how’s the quality for Safety 1st’s monitors? Bad, readers tell us. The analog models are often criticized for static and generally poor sound quality. Yes, some of the interference issues are thanks to all the modern tech folks have in their homes. But when you call a model the Crystal Clear, you’d think the sound would be, well, crystal clear? Not so much, say parents who’ve suffered with these monitors.

Quality issues also dog Safety 1st’s digital offering. Reviews for the High Def have been mixed (but better than the analog reviews), with quite a few complaints of poor sound quality, static and other woes.

Bottom line: yes, these models are cheap but they aren’t worth it—unless you have a high tolerance for static and other glitches. Audio monitors from competitors like Philips Avent and VTech score much better than Safety 1st’s monitors.

Rating: D