Burnt-Sienna-Solly-Baby_1024x1024Web: SollyBaby.com

Price: $65

Weight Range: 7 to 25 lbs.

Comments: Solly Baby’s Solly Wrap is the only wrap we know of that’s made from Lenzing Modal, a “sustainable knit made from Austrian beechwood trees.” So what does that mean? You might be more familiar with the term Tencel. Or how about rayon. Yep, it’s rayon. But just in case that’s a turn off for you, this process actually uses an environmentally friendly bleaching method to make the fabric (and the trees are “sustainably harvested”). And it’s still stretchy without any added lycra, etc. The wrap is one-size-fits-all so you’ll just need to wrap any extra fabric around waist.

Made in San Diego, Solly Wraps are intended for children under 12 months of age, and can only be worn in the front, inward facing position. No piggy back carry here. And you’ll need to find another carrying option once your child reaches 25 lbs. The best part of the Solly Baby website: lots of videos (see below for the Newborn Carry Video). You also get a printed booklet that shows how to wrap baby two ways.

Parents like the soft, light-weight fabric that folds up small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag. The only complaint: the low weight limit means you’ll be shopping for another carrier after a short while.

Rating: B+