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Price: $90 to $100; optional infant insert is $30.

Weight Range: 7 to 45 lbs.; infant insert is required for children under 4 to 6 months of age.

Comments: Pognae baby carriers were developed in South Korea and brought to the U.S. by a Chicago company. While Pognae makes three carriers, their most popular option, the Baby Carrier, is a front carrier that looks a lot like an ERGObaby Original. Made of 100% cotton and mesh in ten fabric options, the Baby Carrier can be used with baby facing inward then piggy back when baby is older. A separate infant insert is required for babies under four to six months of age. Unfortunately, the Pognae cannot be used as a front carrier with baby facing out, similar to the ERGObaby Original.

What makes this carrier different? First there is the mesh we mentioned. The Pognae has a mesh cooling vent panel that you can unzip and roll down to enjoy a cool breeze. The shoulder straps are also made of mesh plus foam to make them breathable and comfortable. Other parent features include an adjustable chest strap and shock-resistent foam waist belt. For baby, Pognae comes with a sleeping hood and a headrest. Accessories include drool pads ($14), a quilted cotton cover up for cold weather ($75) and a waist extension ($10).

Parents are very positive in their assessment of the Pognae. They love the mesh panel–it really works and it’s easy to use. They also praise the high quality fabric and high weight limit. Some were frustrated that it didn’t allow baby to face out and required a separate, $30 infant insert unlike the ERGObaby 360. But overall, the Pognae Baby Carrier is a great option for parents looking for a quality front carrier. Rating: A-