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Price: TwinTrexx $130; TwinTrexx 2 $145

Weight Range: 7 to 25 lbs. per child

Comments: Stuff 4 Multiples TwinTrexx ergonomic carrier offers multiple¬†positions for caring your twins. And the TwinTrexx can be dismantled and used to carry a single baby too. So if you don’t feel like carrying the burden alone you can share them. And unlike Stuff 4 Multiples’ Twingaroo, these carriers can take a baby as small as 7 lbs.

So what’s the difference between the TwinTrexx and the TwinTrexx 2? Besides the price, the 2 allows for five different carry positions (the original TwinTrexx only allows for three positions), includes a chest clip, and has fronts flaps that open completely (to more easily remove your children). So overall, sounds like you’d prefer to spend the money and get the TwinTrexx 2, right?

Wrong. Parents preferred the original version over the 2. But neither carrier got very impressive reviews from parents. Overall, they were frustrated with the¬†poor quality of the carrier. Some parents even claimed the carrier was unsafe and they felt older kids could fall out. Finally, these carriers were complicated to use and difficult to get the straps tight. In light of all the negative feedback, we won’t be rating them very high. Our recommendation: forget the TwinTrexx carriers and take a look at their sister product, the Twingaroo. Rating: F