We’ve been beating up Babies R Us for the last few weeks over the Jardine recall, so let’s take a second to applaud the chain when they do something right: reader Elizabeth F. writes in today with word of a free (and unadvertised) bottle exchange program at BRU.

As you remember, BRU (along with other major retailers) announced they were phasing out polycarbonate baby bottles that contain BPA in the coming year. But what if you bought $100 worth of BPA bottles before they made that announcement? Elizabeth writes:

I heard something from a mom in my playgroup that Babies R Us was allowing customers to bring in their BPA containing bottles of any brand, and exchange them for BPA-free bottles at no cost. I thought that was too good to be true, but I thought it was worth a try. I sent my husband in with 9 bottles, a mix of Avent and Dr. Brown’s – and he came home with 9 new BPA free Dr. Brown’s bottles for free! It is true.

All you have to do is bring in complete bottle assemblies – caps, nipples, bottle, etc. – and BRU will exchange them, bottle per bottle, for any BPA free bottle. It is quite amazing. I thought your readers might be interested in this, as BRU has not published anything on their website or advertised this policy to my knowledge. I wouldn’t have known about it if that mom hadn’t told me. I hope you find this info useful.