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Having trouble with latching? A nipple shield can help and we have reviewed the best nipple shield options for you. Here's our top pick.

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Best Nipple Shield

Sometimes referred to as a breast shell, a nipple shield is a piece of thin plastic placed over mom’s nipple and surrounding tissue (areola). It typically has four holes in it that allows breast milk to pass to your baby. You would use a one if you have sore, cracked and/or bleeding nipples.

These shields are a temporary solution that should allow your nipples to avoid further damage and give you time to heal. They can also be used to help women who have flat or inverted nipples and are experiencing difficulties nursing.

Our top recommended nipple shield is from Medela. It comes in small, medium or large sizes. We like this type of shield because it has a cutout that allows more skin to skin contact between mom and baby. Medela also makes a traditional nipple shield that is completely round without a cut out. See in second picture below.

Here you can see the four holes in the top to allow breast milk through. And you can see the notch in the flange that allows for more skin to skin contact.

best nipple shield Medela contact best nipple shield 2

Here’s a traditional nipple shield from Medela.

best nipple shield  Medela nipple shield

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Best Nipple Shield

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We like the unique design of the Medela Contact Nipple Shield. The cutout lets mom and baby have more skin-to-skin contact. And more contact is always a good thing when nursing.

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Best Nipple Shield