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Svan of Sweden’s Signet high chair is a multi-function high chair imported from Europe, much like the Tripp Trapp (discussed earlier). The all-wood Signet (a plastic dishwasher-safe tray cover is included) morphs from a high chair to a chair for toddlers and then older kids.

Svan now offers two versions of the Signet: the Essential ($100 to $200 depending on finish) and the Complete ($130 to $250). The Complete includes a wooden tray, removable plastic tray cover and infant safety guard for use starting at 6 months. The Essential version is really just an adjustable chair for an older child with no infant safety guard or tray. You can buy accessories to convert an Essential into a Complete for $70. Cushions are $37. Both versions now have a five-point harness.

Svan Bentwood Folding Chair

The Bentwood works a lot like the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Svan offers a more moderately priced wooden chair ($100 to $180) called the Bentwood Folding Chair. It mimics the Oxo Tot Sprout both in esthetics and price. It also has a foot rest that adjusts like the Tripp Trapp (but not as large). It does fold, making it convenient to store, has a one hand tray release, includes a wipeable seat cushion and fits a standard table height. The post to prevent submarining is attached to the tray (we prefer it to be attached to the seat) and it doesn’t have wheels. Parents complained the chair was too small, the fold is difficult to accomplish and the tray is hard to use as well. We don’t recommend this high chair.

So is the Svan Signet worth the high price tag? Fans tell us they love how sturdy the chair is, yet it’s still light enough to move around the kitchen. The aesthetics and small footprint are the key selling points. On the other hand, this is a wood high chair, so there is no seat recline or other perks you find in plastic chairs. Adjusting the chair’s height requires an Allen wrench, which is a pain—and several parents complained about the Svan’s numerous nooks/crannies to clean. Still more complained that the finish wasn’t very durable and quickly showed wear and tear plus the plastic tray cover was difficult to remove. Overall, however, most of the reviews for the Swan are positive—this is a good chair if you can get past the drawbacks and price. Rating: C