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Summer Infant is perhaps best know for their Ultimate Crib Sheet ($20). It’s a great for midnight diaper leaks. The Ultimate lays flat on top of your regular crib sheet and snaps to the rails of the crib.

When baby has a leak, you just unsnap the Ultimate Crib Sheet, remove it and put baby back to sleep on the sheet underneath. Voila! No wrestling with taking sheets off and putting them on at 1:00 in the morning.

Ultimate Crib Sheet

The Ultimate Crib Sheet snaps on to the crib rails; allows you to change sheets quickly and easily.

That’s not all they make. They offer bassinet sheets ($20), Swaddle Me swaddlers ($35), and muslin swaddle blankets ($20 for a three pack).

Four-piece bedding sets include two crib sheets, crib skirt and quilt for $129. Summer used to have as many as nine different collections, but have paired that down to two. They’ve also discontinued an eight-piece set they carried previously.

We think the bedding sets from Summer Infant are average quality but really recommend the Ultimate Crib Sheet. Rating: A for the Ultimate Crib Sheet, B+ for the rest of the bedding line.