i'Coo Acrobat travel systemWeb: ICoo.de

The models. Hauck/i’coo’s emphasis is on multi-function strollers, with an occasional lightweight model thrown into mix for good measure.

The flagship stroller for this brand is the iCoo Acrobat travel system(21.2 lbs.; pictured) features bronze frame and unique wheel configuration—the front wheels are larger than the rear wheels (which is opposite of most strollers). The Acrobat features a height-adjustable handle, ball bearing wheels and leather trim.

The Acrobat is sold as a travel system with the iGuard35 infant car seat for $669 (we saw it on Amazon for as little as $400). You used to be able to  buy this stroller as a stand-alone model for $600, but we aren’t seeing it available anywhere at this time.

Our view. This brand has had such little sales success in the U.S., it is hard to judge the quality here. What little feedback that is posted to our message boards or in product reviews is mostly positive, however.

While the Acrobat wins style points for the bronze colored frame and interior canopy fabric, the canopy is itself is a loser thanks to skimpy coverage.  And why put the peakaboo window at the back of the hood instead of the top?

Perhaps the biggest drawback to this brand is their European-ness. iCoo is successful in Europe, but that doesn’t always translate to the US. Hence, no cup holder might be fine for Germans—but a deal killer for Americans. Ditto for the fold on the Acrobat—while it is one-hand, it has a learning curve thanks to obtuse instructions. And why just two settings for the height adjustable handle?

Bottom line: buying one of these strollers is a leap of faith, as there are few stores that sell it so seeing these strollers in person will be a challenge. Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Poor. Rating: B-