Muv Gaan

MÜV is the new upper-end stroller brand that is part of the Baby Trend empire. The company debuted two new strollers in 2015: the Gaan, a three-wheel model for $690 and the Reis, a four-wheel model for $700. Both models are available as stand-alone models or travel systems, paired with MÜV’s Kussen infant car seat. The Gaan travel system runs $890 and the Reis travel system is $950.

(FYI: it appears MUV may be discontinuing the travel systems, as they are difficult to find. The strollers are still available as stand-alone models.)

Both strollers feature an extended, height adjustable canopy with six windows, reversible seat, three-position full recline, and large storage basket with access from the front or rear of the stroller. And, yes, you can fold these strollers with the seat on. A winter boot (thermal compartment) and rear-wheel suspension round out the features.

Muv Reis Stroller

Muv Reis Stroller

What makes these strollers unique is the relatively high seat position, which MÜV pitches as a high chair replacement (you can wheel one of these strollers up to a table). Right, like you want baby to smear carrots or sweet potatoes all over your $900 stroller.

The only difference between the models is the Gaan is a three-wheel version and the Reis is four wheels.

As you’d expect with a high-end stroller, MÜV has all the bells and whistles: a three-position footrest and height-adjustable handle. All this tends to add to the weight of the stroller, unfortunately. We weighed the Reis at 27 lbs.; the Gaan at 26.1 lbs. Another negative: there are only two colors (black and red, and two frame colors—silver and black) as of this writing.

Despite the Dutch model names and branding, these strollers are made in China. And if MÜV’s strollers look a bit like that other Dutch stroller brand that starts with a B, that’s because one of their ex-employees is a founder of the MÜV. 

While the Gaan and the Reis have been out since 2015, few people have purchased these strollers. They are now available from Buy Buy Baby as well as online on and Feedback is almost non-existent so we’ll wait to rate them. Color us skeptical, but at the end of the day, these are Baby Trend strollers, which hasn’t exactly been successful in the over $200 market. The luxury stroller desert is littered with the bones of many high-priced, Euro-style stroller. Rating: Not Yet.