Stroller brand review: JoovyStroller brand review: Joovy

Stroller brand review: Joovy. Joovy launched back in 2002 with a single model—the Caboose Graphite Stand-on Tandem (

, 26 lbs.; pictured), which can cart a baby in the stroller seat and toddler on a stand-up board (or seat) in back. Similar to the Baby Trend Sit N Stand, Joovy’s Caboose features a higher handle height, foam handle, improved car seat attachment and nicer canopy.

Over the last few years, Joovy has refined the Caboose—now the seat recline doesn’t interfere with the space for the toddler. And the infant car seat attachment sits higher than the previous model. FYI: the Joovy works with over 13 infant seats, including the Britax B-Safe and Chicco KeyFit.

The Caboose’s success has led to a series of spin-offs: the Caboose Ultralight, Big Caboose, Big Caboose Stand On Triple, and Caboose VaryLight. (There will be a quiz on this tomorrow).

The Caboose Graphite Ultralight ( , 22.6 lbs.) was originally 20% lighter than the original Caboose but now has lost even more weight–it’s 10% lighter than that! It  features a deluxe canopy with extension, universal car seat adapter, child tray and neoprene parent organizer.  A rear seat accessory (Caboose Too seat) is available for an additional . This seat also works on the regular Caboose and the Big Caboose, discussed next.

Got three kids? The Big Caboose ( $614.64 , 37 lbs.) has two seats plus a toddler padded jump seat/standing area. This model can also handle two infant car seats—so if you have twins and an older toddler, this would be one of the few models out there to hold all three tykes.

Stroller brand review: Joovy

Joovy is adding yet another Caboose to the line, the Caboose S ( $459.99 ,pictured at right). This single-to-double convertible stroller has a huge 50 SPF canopy to cover both kids, one hand standing fold, pedicure friendly brake, and four-wheel suspension. Each seat will accommodate kids up to 55 lbs. and they’ve added an extra two inches between the seats to give kids extra room. The stroller is car seat compatible (although you’ll need adapters for the rear position). It  has eight accessories available including a second toddler seat, bassinet, parent organizer and cup holders. There is also a platform for older kids to sit or stand.

Joovy has added a Caboose S Too Sit and Stand double tandem stroller to the line. It can be configured 16 different ways with it’s  bench, toddler seat and standing platform for older kids to use. Price: .

While the Caboose is Joovy’s flagship model, the company has several other strollers. The ScooterX2 (

) is a lightweight side-by-side twin stroller with an elliptical frame. It also features a deep (but not full) seat recline. Like all Joovy strollers, the Scooter X2 features an oversized canopy, large wheels (7″ front, 9″ rear), independent chair recline, and a large storage basket. There are even two cup holders/storage pockets on the back of each seat. An added plus: this side by side twin fits through standard doorways.

Stroller brand review: Joovy

The Groove Ultralight is a feature packed lightweight umbrella stroller.

The Groove Ultralight (

, 14.9 lbs.; pictured at left) is an umbrella stroller with a partial seat recline (150 degrees) and an extended UV fabric canopy with sun visor. The seat on the Groove is wider than most and it comes with mesh storage pockets and a parent organizer. The umbrella fold has an auto lock and it comes with a carry strap. A twin version of the Groove (the Twin Groove Ultralight, 26 lbs.,) is also available. This side by side should fit through standard door frames and has independent canopies and a compact fold. Stroller brand review: Joovy

Stroller brand review: Joovy

Joovy Kooper

For an even more compact stroller, Joovy has rolled out the Kooper ( and twin stroller KooperX2, ). The Kooper’s Z-fold creates a much more compact footprint that typical strollers. It also comes with folding tray, large wheels, car seat adapters, one-step parking brake, full recline, large basket, three-position leg rest, and parent storage plus cup holder.

Joovy’s Zoom 360 Ultralight (

) is billed as a jogger with front lockable swivel wheel, no rear axle (so you can run without kicking the back), full canopy, car seat adaptor (seats click in) and parent organizer. Like the Caboose Ultralight, the Zoom has lost a little weight. Joovy has reduced the weight by about 10% by using a mesh foot rest. It comes with a tire pump and click-in car seat adapters.

A Zoom X2 Twin Jogger is also available families of twins or with young kids close together. Priced at , it comes with a locking and swiveling front tire, air filled tires all around, one hand fold, parent organizer, air pump and holds up to 100 lbs. (50 per seat).

Joovy’s stroller frame is the TwinRoo+, (

, 21.6 lbs.), which can hold two infant car seats and features a one-hand fold, parent organizer and works with Chicco, Graco and Peg Perego infant seats. Unlike other stroller frames, Joovy’s Roo+ positions the infant car seat sideways. The car seats can be arranged side by side or opposite each other (see photos). You can click the car seat into the frame and release it with the seat’s release lever. The latest version TwinRoo+ also works with Graco’s newer car seats (the Click Connect 35/40) as well as the Britax B-Safe and UPPAbaby Mesa. The car seats on the TwinRoo+ can be arranged side by side or opposite each other.

Stroller brand review: Joovy

You can arrange the infant car seats facing opposite each other . . .


Stroller brand review: Joovy

or facing the same direction.


Stroller brand review: JoovyJoovy’s latest stroller addition is the whimsically named Balloon. This lightweight stroller is an affordable considering the features. How about a large canopy with UV50 sun protection fabric (see photo)? Then there’s the light weight–only 12 lbs. It offers a 160° recline and there is a foot enclosure so you can make the stroller seat into a bassinet. It also comes with a car seat adapter for 16 different infant car seat models, a reversible handle, bumper bar and two cup holders. An optional rain cover rounds out the Balloon’s features. While all this sounds great, there are some disappointing aspects to the Balloon. Some readers noted that the reversible handle wasn’t all that easy to reverse and then pushing the stroller with the reversed handle means you’ll run into the wheels. Others complained it was hard to push. Everyone loved the large canopy, but it sounds like Joovy needs to fix a few of the flaws in this 1.0 version. Stroller brand review: Joovy

Joovy is revamping an older stroller in the line called the Qool ( ). It features a reversible seat, telescoping handlebar, four wheel suspension, large canopy, and an adjustable footrest. The seat offers a 140 degree recline. Accessories include a bench seat, toddler seat and bassinet. The weight capacity is 135 lbs. This stroller has been completely revamped by Joovy, but you may still see older versions also called the Qool and the Too Qool. Make sure you’re getting the newest version. Finally, Joovy is bringing out a new bike trailer/double stroller called the Cocoon X2. Available in June, 2018, the Cocoon comes with an included hitch, has an adjustable handle, 20″ pneumatic tires, aluminum frame and large cargo area. All this for


Our view. Of all the Caboose variations, we recommend the Joovy Caboose Ultralight as tops. Reader feedback on this model is mostly positive—the lighter weight makes it a worthy upgrade over the regular Caboose. Fans like the easy fold and compatibility with most infant car seats. Critics note that infant car seats must be strapped down (there is no click-in lock). And even when collapsed, the Caboose takes up a large amount of trunk real estate.

Feedback on Joovy’s other strollers has been generally positive. The Zoom 360 Ultralight is a decent value for an all-terrain stroller, while the ScooterX2 also gets good marks for its easy fold, although it takes two hands. This stroller is a good choice for those looking at an affordable option for a side-by-side stroller.

The Joovy models that are least popular are probably its largest/heaviest strollers such as the Big Caboose. These strollers are large and bulky—and when weighed down with two or three kids, they can require Herculean effort to push and maneuver.

We’re looking forward to the release of the Caboose S and the new version of the Qool. Check back for more feedback as these strollers are released.

Bottom line: it’s unusual for a stroller company to have mostly positive reviews across nearly all its models, especially a line as large as Joovy’s. Fans love the overall value and features like oversized canopies. We are raising Joovy’s rating this year to reflect this. Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Good. Rating: A- Stroller brand review: Joovy