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Spanish stroller maker Jane has tried to crack the US market in several attempts over the past 15 years—each time Jane got sent back to Barcelona with their collective tails between their legs. But you can’t keep the Spaniards down for long—so their back to give it another go with models they hope are better suited to North American parents’ wishes. Let’s take a look.

Jane Rider

Jane Rider Stroller with Bassinet

The models. Jane three main strollers sold in the US are the Nanuq (an umbrella stroller for $210 to $250, pictured), the Rider (a full size model with reversible seat for $725) and the Trider Extreme All Terrain stroller (similar to the Rider, $600 to $650).

The Nanuq comes with a rain cover, hood, footrest and cupholder. The company claims the stroller weighs only 13.9 lbs. but that’s without the hood and basket. So it’s likely closer to 17 or 18 lbs. We haven’t been able to verify the weight independently.

The Rider is a full-feature stroller with reversible seat, five point harness, rear suspension shock absorbers, hand brake, cup holder, large (but shallow) basket and height adjustable handle. The stroller folds over itself with the seat on or off. Included with the stroller is a diaper bag and rain cover. The Trider Extreme is similar to the Rider but with three wheels instead of four.

According to Jane’s web site, both the Rider and the Trider include a “micro bassinet,” however, it appears some of their North American dealers are selling the stroller only in the $400’s, with the bassinet as an extra accessory. If purchased separately, the bassinet runs about $180.

Jane PowerTwin Pro stroller

Jane PowerTwin Pro stroller

Jane’s newest stroller is the PowerTwin Pro ($600), a refresh of a previous model also called the PowerTwin. This tandem twin stroller is touted as being a compact twin weighing just 29 lbs. (although we haven’t verified that weight at press time). The PowerTwin comes with a front swivel wheel, disk brakes with both hand and foot activation options, a neoprene canopy (waterproof and SPF 50), rear wheel suspension, foam filled rubber tires and partial recline on both seats. Unfortunately, it is not car seat compatible, so you can only use it with older infants (6 months+). It is only 24″ wide, meaning it will fit easily through doors and maneuver around department store aisles. Because the front wheel platform sticks out, the fold isn’t very compact. Yes, it has a pin release that will allow you to fold down the front wheel platform for a flatter fold—but that is an extra step.

Our view. While Jane’s strollers have been on the market for a while now, there really hasn’t been much feedback from parents. The high prices and limited distribution limit Jane’s appeal. The brand isn’t well known and you can practically buy a Bugaboo for the price of a Trider. That said, the feedback from few parents who have purchased these strollers has been positive. The smooth ride with the shock absorbers on the Rider and Trider are highly praised. Handling and maneuverability is another plus. The high seating position (the seat is reversible as well) wins kudos.

The Nanuq is not as well loved as the Rider and Trider although again, smooth ride is a plus here. We just wish the canopy was a bit bigger–it doesn’t cover baby as much as we’d like. You can likely find a similar lightweight stroller for less.

The PowerTwin is so new, there isn’t much feedback from parents yet. We’re not sure kids are going to be comfortable in it, however. We understand why they shortened the body (which helps distribute the weight better, so it’s more maneuverable), but now the kids are right on top of each other. And the kid in the back will have a limited view through the small window in the front seat canopy. The lack of a compact fold (requiring two hands) is another deal killer, as is the hard-to-access basket.

So a mixed review for Jane—the company just hasn’t come up with the right formula to appeal to North American parents. At $600 to $700, these strollers are leap of faith. The Rider or Trider are the best bets. Rating: B-