Stroller Brand Reviews: MimaStroller Brand Reviews: Mima

Stroller Brand Reviews: Mima. The Netherlands must have a college with a stroller design major—the small country has churned out such heavyweight stroller brands such as Bugaboo, Quinny, and Mutsy. Now, add Mima to that list.

Actually, Mima is based in Spain, but designer Davy Kho hails from the Netherlands, so we’ll still chalk this one up to the Dutch.

The models. Mima’s sells just one stroller, but it’s a doozy. The Xari is a mere

. For those of you still with us (smelling salts for everyone else), the stroller comes with a reversible reclining seat and a carrycot. Of course, at that price, we think it should come with you own polo pony!

You can upgrade from the standard (and pedestrian) silver or black frame to a rose goldtone frame for an additional $60 to $100. Mima offers a plethora of accessories as well: faux leather footmuff ($140 to $150), plush winter padding ($280), rolling travel bag ($180), newborn headrest ($45), car seat adapters ($50), rain cover ($40), and an umbrella ($60).

At this price, few parents can afford the Xari, so no parent feedback yet. It’s also tough to find any place that sells it except Nordstrom. Rating: C. Stroller Brand Reviews: Mima