Evenflo Minno strollerNov 15, 2019 @ 1:57 pm

Evenflo is a low to mid price stroller brand sold in chain stores. The emphasis here is on travel systems, basically simple strollers paired with Evenflo’s infant car seats. You can typically pick one of these systems up at Walmart for about $160. But are they a good deal? Let’s see.

The models. A typical Evenflo offering is their Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace Infant Car Seat that pairs a basic stroller with Evenflo’s base model infant car seat, the Embrace, for .

Yes, that is a good value–but there isn’t much to like about the bare bones stroller, which racks up complaints that it is hard to fold and use. Yet get the feeling Evenflo designs these stroller for first-time parents who they hope don’t know about Evenflo’s sorry quality reputation.

In an effort to turn this situation around, Evenflo has tried to upscale the brand with two new flagship strollers: the Pivot ($318.19 )and Pivot Xpand ( ).

Both verisions have a seat that can face out or back toward the parent. The Pivot Xpand is can morph from a single to double, with added second seat. Think of it as the poor man’s UPPAbaby Vista or Baby Jogger City Select—not the same level of quality, but a decent enough imitation.

Here’s a video on how the Pivot Xpand works:


Our view. Like Cosco, Evenflo’s travel systems are sold in chain stores like Walmart and Target—and Evenflo gets slightly better marks from readers than similarly priced Cosco models. But that is a low bar. We aren’t fans of Evenflo’s infant car seats, which of course are paired with all these strollers sold as travel systems.

As stand-alone models, Evenflo strollers compete against Chicco, Summer and Graco’s lightweight offerings in these price points—and those brands get much better marks from our readers for quality, durability and ease of use.

We should note that the newer Evenflo modular strollers, the Pivot and Pivot Xpand, do earn good marks from our readers for overall quality and ease of use. If Evenflo decides to move more in this direction in the future, that would lift the brand’s overall rating.

One final note: we should commend Evenflo for their customer service, which earns good marks from our readers for promptly taking care of problems. Rating: B-