Evenflo Minno strollerWeb: evenflo.com

Evenflo is a low to mid price stroller brand sold in chain stores. The emphasis here is on travel systems, basically simple strollers paired with Evenflo’s infant car seats. You can typically pick one of these systems up at Walmart for about $160. But are they a good deal? Let’s see.

The models. Most of Evenflo’s strollers are what we’d call first-time parent strollers—when folks think they need a large stroller with every bell and whistle to ferry baby. While these features are nice, they tended to add weight and bulk to Evenflo’s strollers. Recognizing the weight issue, Evenflo has apparently sent its stroller line-up to Weight Watchers . . . the newer models have shed some serious poundage compared to the 30 lb. models of the recent past.

Evenflo groups its strollers in four categories: jogging, lightweight, travel systems (infant strollers) and toddler strollers (best for kids over 6 months of age).

In the lightweight category, let’s take a look at the Minno (pictured above) . Available as a single and a side by side double ($175), this umbrella style stroller weighs about 17 lbs. It has a multi-position recline, decent storage basket, one-hand fold to a standing position, front wheel suspension and adjustable foot rest. The canopy is pretty skimpy and parents aren’t impressed with the wheels–the ride isn’t as smooth as expected. Priced at $52 to $85, it’s a pretty good deal, however.

Evenflo Charleston jogging stroller

The Charleston is a disappointment, especially if you planned to actually run with it.

Evenflo’s jogging strollers include the Charleston and the Victory. The Charleston has pneumatic tires, suspension, swivel-lock front wheel, reline, adjustable footrest, single touch break, decent canopy, adjustable handle bar, on-touch brake and large storage basket. It folds like a Baby Jogger Citi Mini by pulling up from the middle of the seat. While it has a multitude of great features, parents are unimpressed with the Charleston when used for running–the front wheel wobbles incessantly. and many noted it seemed cheaply made.

Evenflo Charleston travel system

The Princeton travel system is Evenflo’s mid-priced option in the travel system category.

Looking for a travel system? Evenflo makes three: the Pivot, the Sibby and the Princeton. The Princeton is their mid-priced option at $230. It comes with Evenflo’s Serenade infant seat and has an impressive number of features. These include adjustable handle, multi-position recline, back wheels locks, large storage basket, parent console and child tray. The bumper bar swings out for easy access and it folds into a standing position.

New for 2018, Evenflo is expanding the Pivot line with the new Pivot Expand, a modular 1-into-2 stroller coming out in late July. Priced at a reasonable $400, the stroller requires no tools to turn it into a double stroller. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Overall, perhaps the best thing about Evenflo strollers is their amazing parent trays complete with two cup holders with “automotive cup grippers” and a storage area with “privacy lid.” If only Evenflo had put as much effort into the rest of the stroller as they did the parent tray.

Our view. Like Cosco, Evenflo’s travel systems are sold in chain stores like Walmart and Target—and Evenflo gets slightly better marks from readers than similarly priced Cosco models. But that is a low bar. We aren’t fans of Evenflo’s infant car seats, which of course are paired with all these strollers sold as travel systems.

As stand-alone models, Evenflo strollers compete against Chicco, Summer and Graco’s lightweight offerings in these price points—and those brands get much better marks from our readers for quality, durability and ease of use. While we like the fact that Evenflo’s strollers have shed weight, the company will have to do more to win fans in a competitive market.

One final note: we should commend Evenflo for their customer service, which earns good marks from our readers for promptly taking care of problems. Rating: B-