I just bought your Baby Bargains ebook and started reading it in conjunction with other resources I have and veteran parents to ensure we’re making sound choices for our baby.  I have a question on crib mattresses.

I was reading an article by Dr. Jim Sprott, who is linking flame retardants found in standard baby mattresses to SIDS.  He asserts that the chemicals in our mattresses are dangerous for babies.  He strongly encourages organic mattresses for babies and I was wondering your take on that issue.

Thanks for your help. Please let me know what is the right way to clean it.  Many thanks!
This claim got its life from the New Zealand doctor you mention below, who wrote a book about this topic back in 1998. Thanks to the internet, this myth is rearing its ugly head again.

So here are the facts:

There is no scientific evidence that links chemicals in crib mattresses to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This issue has been studied extensively.

In our book, BABY 411, we discuss limiting exposure to chemicals in the nursery. Obviously, it’s reasonable to take prudent steps to limit a child’s exposure to environmental hazards. And it’s reasonable to look at the entire nursery (including the crib mattress) to limit exposure, even if this exposure is not directly linked to SIDS or other possible harm.

Unfortunately, there is no standard for what is considered “organic” when it comes to crib mattresses. We do recommend mattresses in our BABY BARGAINS book that are GREENGUARD certified to be low emission. This third-party testing service certifies products meet low emission criteria on a host of chemicals.

Bottom line: organic or natural crib mattresses are fine (but pricey). Stick to one that is GREENGUARD certified if you go this route.

Best wishes,

Denise & Alan Fields

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