pTRU1-17641090enh-z6This furniture is made by LaJobi; see their review for an overview of this company. Serta cribs debuted in 2014 with one collection, the Hanover. This crib is being sold at Toys R Us ($170) and Walmart ($196). This very basic crib is similar to the Graco or Nursery Classics line by LaJobi. Walmart also sells a combo package of the Hanover crib and matching changing table for $275.

While the Hanover was too new as of this writing to gauge any parent feedback, this furniture is part of a trend to combat showrooming (where folks see a product in stores and then buy online). Chains are increasingly demanding “exclusive” goods that aren’t being sold on Amazon or other sites. Hence, the Serta Hanover . . . which is much like the Graco models, but without Amazon’s pesky price competition.