Reader Lindsey D. writes in today with some thoughts on the Graco SnugRide 35:

We love Baby Bargains, and it’s been incredibly helpful to us.  Because it’s been so helpful, we’re hoping our experience with the Snugride 35 car seat will be helpful to others.  Like many other parents have found, it’s a great car seat at first.  Unfortunately, as many other frustrated parents have reported online, the “35” part of the name is a flat-out lie.  Our 7-month-old son is about 20 pounds, around the 50th percentile on both height and weight, and he can no longer fit comfortably in the car seat.  Once your baby is tall enough to need the straps raised to the top level (there are three height levels for the seat), there is no longer any slack in the straps, and you have to force your baby’s arms through the straps to a degree that causes him (and us) a great deal of discomfort, particularly for those of us in colder climates who need to bundle up baby before we leave the house!  We finally gave up and purchased a convertible car seat to keep from packing him in there like a sardine.  The car seat was great for a while, but because the 35-pound version doesn’t last as long as promised, we would strongly recommend using a lighter version.

The car seat may be strong enough to support a 35-pound baby, but if you can’t actually fit a 20-pound baby in the darn thing, what good is it?

FYI: Check the comments below for a reader tip on how to solve this problem!