Reader Mike O. writes in today with his frustrations in dealing with the Babies R Us baby gift registry:

We wanted to provide you with some negative feedback (surprise!) about Babies R Us (BRU).  Getting BRU to take items off of our registry after they were purchased by our friends and family has been an exercise in futility.  BRU still shows on our registry that we need a car seat base even though we were given a car seat base by one of our friends as a baby shower gift back in September 2011.  We have tried calling BRU several times to get this baby registry problem worked out but our concerns have fallen on deaf and clueless ears.  We ended up getting a second car seat base from a family friend in November 2011 (after our 2 baby showers) because our BRU baby registry still wasn’t showing that we had been given the first car seat base back in September 2011.  I went to BRU a week ago to purchase some additional items (since my wife was at home with our newborn) off of our registry and, after printing it out, found that very few items which had been purchased and given to us at our 2 baby showers in September 2011 actually had been taken off of our BRU registry.  This is just ridiculous.

What has been your experience with BRU’s registry? Post your experiences below.