Phil & Teds Traveller Travel CribWeb:

Age/weight recommendations: newborn to three years of age

Measurements for the Traveller Travel Crib:

Length (short side): 31”
Length (long side): 46”
Height: 24.8”
Weight: 6 lbs.

Phil & Ted’s definitely wins the award for lightest travel crib. The Traveller ($150) weighs a mere 6 lbs.—less than most babies weigh at birth, and a pound lighter than an earlier version. How does it do that? The Traveller has less padding on the top rails than the Baby Bjorn, comes with a thermally insulated self-inflating mattress (no foam to add weight) and has an aluminum frame. The included sheet is Oeko-tex certified.

The Traveller assembles like a tent, although some parents complained this process was far from easy (especially sliding the legs together). Phil & Teds has a handy video online that shows how to assemble a Traveller—watching it, we can understand parents frustrations with its many steps.

Fans of the Traveller love its light weight, but that advantage can cut both ways. Yes, it is much easier to lug this through an airport than other travel play yards that weigh twice as much. But that very lightweight makes it easy for a baby to it tip over and escape—especially for older babies that are standing/crawling. We see much fewer complaints about this issue with the Lotus, which admittedly is twice the weight. Like the Lotus, the Traveller also has a zipper on one side to let a toddler crawl in or out.

Other complaints about Traveller: poorly written instructions, tabs that attach mattress to base are too small, and disassembly is difficult.

FYI: Phil & Teds newest Traveller debuted in June, 2017. It wasn’t for sale in stores at that time, just on their web site. The old version is available on sites like YOu can tell which version you’re looking at by checking the weight: if it states a weight of 7 lbs., it’s the old version. The new version is 6 lbs.

If you absolutely must have the lightest weight travel crib, this fits the bill. But at $150, the flaws are a bit hard to swallow. Overall, Baby Bjorn scores better on quality than Phil & Ted’s Traveller, even if it costs more. And Delta’s Viaggi is almost as light weight (7.7lbs.) and runs only $60. Rating: B-