Reader Kendra D. writes in today:

Thank you for all of the great information and sense of humor you share with your readers in "Baby Bargains." I consistently use your advice every time I shop for my baby. Unfortunately, some of this advice is inaccurate: on page 143 (7th Edition), you write of California Kids Bedding "everything is 100% cotton and made in California". Happy for the opportunity to add some non-"Made in China" products to my nursery, I bought the "Mimi and Fido" bedding set on sale from BabyAge. When I got it, every single piece either had a "Made in India" label, or was in a plastic wrapper that simply said "Imported."  Sadly, I can't really return it based on false advertising, since neither the BabyAge or Calkids website actually claimed it was USA-made.

We called California Kids today and asked about this—as it turns out, six of their 80 collections (about 5% of the total line) are now imported from India. This change happened in the last few months. The rest are still made in California. Unfortunately, this isn't often noted online—so be sure to ask before ordering if this issue is a concern. We apologize for any confusion on this!