Moby ComfortFYI: The Comfort no longer appears on Moby’s web site and is only available on a few web sites at significant discounts.


Price: $120

Weight Range: 7.7 lbs. to 44 lbs.

Comments: Moby is on top of the newest trend for soft structured carriers: straps that cross in the back. The Moby Comfort now allows parents to wear the shoulder straps in either the straight (back pack) or x-crossed style. Theoretically, women find better support with the crossing straps while men like the straight straps.

Either way, the Comfort allows you to carry your child in front (inward facing), on your back or on the hip. It has a pretty impressive weight range, although we hesitate to say anyone would want to carry a 40 lb. child in this carrier. The seat width adjusts to accommodate infants to toddlers. This ain’t a cheap carrier at $120, but it has an integrated infant seat, so you won’t need a separate insert for infants. While we generally have been impressed with Moby’s quality and comfort, this carrier is too new to give it a recommendation yet.

Rating: A-