Moby Aria front carrierFYI: The Aria no longer appears on Moby’s web site and is only available on a few web sites at significant discounts.


Price: $160

Weight Range: 7.7 lbs. to 44 lbs.

Comments: The Moby Aria is a souped up version of the Moby Comfort reviewed here. Like the Comfort, the Aria has an integrated infant seat, convertible straps (wear them either straight or x-crossed in the back), and that impressive weight range up to 44 lbs.

So what’s different? The Aria includes a mesh front panel with removable button on cover. This allows the carrier to be used in all kinds of weather (summer–mesh; winter–cover). The Aria also works in three positions (front but only inward facing, back and hip) and includes a head rest (for toddlers), d-ring attachments and strap wraps. These accessories would run $35 if purchased separately.

So what’s the biggest issue with the Aria? The price. At $160, this carrier is officially in the expensive range. While the included accessories are nice and the mesh might be cooler to wear, the Aria is still an expensive carrier. Parent feedback is generally positive, so we’ll give this carrier a recommendation

Rating: A-