Infant Kindercarry

Price: $180

Weight Range: Infant version is 8 to 35 lbs.; Standard is 20 to 40 lbs.; Toddler is 25 to 45 lbs.; Preschool is 35 to 55 lbs.

Comments: Kindercarry offers yet another version of the Soft Structured Carrier (SSC): the Kinderpack. This carrier is sort of an amalgamation of other styles with a structured body but straps that work a little like a mei tai. Except they don’t tie, they buckle. Anyway, the real selling point is that the seat is very wide so your baby’s legs are supported rather dangling. Also, they can accommodate large kids. They come in four sizes. The newborn size has an adjustable base that changes the crotch width to accommodate infants. The standard version works for babies starting at 20 lbs., the toddler is for 25 lbs. and up and the preschool model works starting at 35 lbs. (if you can carry your child at that point!).

In the past, KinderCarry claimed all the carriers were rated up to 50 lbs. Now only the Preschool carrier has a limit that high (actually up to 55 ls.). We doubt most parents could or would want to carry a child that size. Kinderpacks come with buckles on the contoured straps and waistband, a hood, and contoured body panel made of canvas and twill. Handy videos help explain how to use your Kinderpack. Parents comment that they like Kinderpacks but would mainly recommend them for older children. These carriers are also pretty expensive compared to other soft structured carriers and they often run out of stock meaning you may have to wait a while to buy one. However, feedback is very positive so we’ll give them our recommendation.

Rating: A