Ergobaby 3-Position ADAPT Baby

Price: $145

Weight Range: 7 to 45 lbs.

Ergo has come full circle. First they made a terrific front carrier with one flaw: baby couldn’t face out when carried in the front position. Then they remedied that with the Ergo 360°, where baby could face out or in.

Now with the brand new ADAPT ($145), we’re back to inward-facing only in the front carry position. But here’s what makes the new ADAPT worth checking out: you won’t need a separate insert to fit infants as small as seven lbs. We’ve always been frustrated by infant inserts, because they are so easy to lose. If you want to use a carrier with more than one kid, you’ll be wanting that insert. Now you don’t have to worry about it. The Adapt also adjusts to carry kids up to 45 lbs. meaning it has a much wider weight range than the 360°.

How does the adjustment work? On the inside of the waistbelt, there is some heavy duty velcro, color coded for your child’s size. You widen the seat for older kids by removing the velcro tab and repositioning it to the corresponding location on the waistbelt. The front of the pouch also has straps you can cinch in and tighten to gather up the excess fabric.

Adapt Back straps

You can see the ADAPT’s straps are long enough to cross in the back if you prefer.

ADAPT Baby positions

Here’s how the ADAPT grows with your child from baby to toddler.


ADAPT carry positions

The ADAPT allows you to carry your baby in front, on the side or on the back.

And you’ll get all this carrier goodness for a bit less than the 360°–$145 is a pretty decent prices for an infant to toddler carrier. Additional features include the ability to cross the padded straps, Ergo’s typical lumbar support waistbelt, a cushioned and foldable head and neck support, and a baby hood. You can use the carrier on the hip or back as well as in front.

Ergo always impresses us with their quality and comfort, so we expect the ADAPT with be similar to their other carrier offerings. Parents appreciate the included infant insert and the wide weight range. The price is pretty good too, although you can’t face baby forward. Still we like it. Rating: A-