Price: $125 to $150

Weight Range: 7lbs. to 45 lbs.

Comments: When Boba came out with its 4G carrier, it received high praise for its unique method of growing with baby. You can use the carrier for babies 7 to 10 lbs. by using an insert that is folded in half and snapped to the bottom of the carrier– this sits the baby up higher. For babies 11 to 15 lbs, unfold the insert to lower baby somewhat. And once baby reaches 16 lbs., remove the insert altogether.

Unfortunately, many of Boba’s competitors figured out how to make a carrier work from 7 to 45 lbs. without using an insert. Why is that better? You could lose or misplace the insert between babies and not be able to use the carrier as early as you’d like.

Besides the insert, there is a removable sleeping hood included with a pocket. Removable foot rests for toddlers, a purse holder strap, smartphone pocket and a sliding chest strap round out the features. The 4G only allows you two carry positions, front facing inward and back, so it’s not as flexible as the Baby Bjorn One or the Ergobaby 360°. At a recent visit with Boba, we asked them what their target moms are looking for in a carrier. They told us the G4 is meant for the serious baby wearing parent who wants to keep baby inward facing.

Here’s a video of the front carry instructions for the 4G:


Rating: A