Cuisinart Elite Chopper/Grinder 4 cupWeb:

Price: $60 to $700

Comments: Here’s the tough part about choosing a Cuisinart food processor: size. You could get a Elite Collection Chopper/Grinder ($36 to $66) with a four-cup capacity (pictured) or go for the full size deluxe 12-cup size ($211). They even have a 20-cup option for a mere $700. So which is best? It depends.

If you want to make baby food in big batches and/or you think you’ll use it later for other cooking, bigger makes sense. If you want a smaller capacity to make small batches and think you’ll mostly use it later for chopping onions and such, the small four cup ones make sense.

Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup food processor

The Cuisinart Elite FP-12DCN 12-Cup Food Processor is a good compromise if you want more capacity than a 4-cup.

For those who can’t make up their minds, Cuisinart’s Elite Collection 12-cup processor ($211, model FP-12DC) also comes with a smaller 4-cup bowl. Cuisinart gets high ratings across the board for their products. There is no information on BPA content in Cuisinarts, but as long as you aren’t heating the plastic, that shouldn’t be an issue. Rating: A