Magic Bullet Baby Bullet food processorWeb:

Price: $59.99

Comments: Okay, as parents, we don’t usually have time to watch infomercials, but the one we saw on YouTube for the Baby Bullet was so bad we couldn’t stop ourselves! Check it out and don’t miss the inappropriately drunk grandma!

Anyway, once you get through the infomercial, here’s the 411 on the Baby Bullet. It’s a mini blender with two different size cups (2 cup and 1 ½ cup sizes), plus a set of cutesy baby food jars, freezer and storage trays, even multiple blades (for different consistencies) and more—a total of 22 BPA-free pieces. The whole set is dishwasher safe except for the motorized base.

Baby Bullet is not a steamer/processor. So with the exception of bananas and avocados, you’ll want to steam everything first either on the stovetop or in the microwave. The Baby Bullet can puree any adult foods, so your baby can have what you are serving the rest of the family.

So what do parents think about the Baby Bullet? Most comments we heard were about the awful infomercial. But parents who used the Bullet praise it’s easy to clean design and thought the texture of the puree was more consistent than food processors. It was also better at blending all the contents.

On the other hand, there were many complaints about the cheap materials used to make the Baby Bullet. Some even complained that the jars melted in the dishwasher. Rating: B