Pampers Swaddlers diapersWeb site:

Pampers continues to offer an extensive line of diapers including Swaddlers (21¢ per diaper, size 1), Cruisers (23¢ per diaper, size 3) and Baby Dry diapers (18¢ per diaper, size 1) (not to mention pull on trainers and wipes) You might also see some Swaddlers Sensitive diapers for sale–they are phasing those out and they aren’t on their web site anymore. The Swaddlers are sized for babies from newborn to size 4, while Cruisers are sized from size 3 up to 6. The Baby Dry diapers are actually super absorbent, overnight diapers for babies from size 1 to size 5. They have three layer absorbency compared to the regular two layer of Swaddlers and Cruisers.

Pampers claims the Swaddlers are made with “blanket-like softness” (called Blankie Soft), have extra absorb panels to hold more wetness, and have an absorb away liner to pull wetness away from baby’s skin. Swaddlers also have a wetness indicator. Cruisers also have those extra absorbent channels which supposedly keep them from sagging when they are full of urine. Pampers also claims it’s 3-way fit keeps the diaper on active babies and toddlers and the flexible leg cuffs hold in wetness. 

Pampers Swaddlers are clearly the winner in the Amazon favorite diaper sweepstakes. They score a 90% with four and five star ratings combined. That’s impressive. And our readers concur. They like the softness, lack of leaks (yes there are always folks for whom the best diapers leak, we know), and the pee indicator. Cruisers are almost as popular as are the Baby Dry overnight diapers. With this kind of feedback, we’ll give Pampers our highest rating. Rating: A