Luvs diapers

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Made by Procter & Gamble (who also makes Pampers), Luvs are marketed as a lower-price brand. They are often less expensive than even store brand diapers. On Amazon, we found a 252-count box of size ones for as little as 14¢ per diaper.

Thankfully, Luvs doesn’t try to be all things to all people with multiple diaper options. They just have one diaper with basic features. Luvs stresses their Leakguard Core, contoured shape, leak barrier, gathered leg openings and softness. Luvs guarantees you’ll love their product or your money back.

So, do they work? Readers were mixed in their appraisal of Luvs. Some said they leaked, but others praised the low price and thought they worked fine. In a blind test , parents ranked Luvs in the middle of the pack (in a tie with Huggies). Rating: B+