Cuisinart Baby Food Maker & Bottle WarmerWeb site:

Price: $85

Comments: Cuisinart makes great food processors, so when they released a new steamer/processor for baby food, we had to check it out. The Cuisinart Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer is definitely one of the best options in the all in one category.

Priced between $85 and $130, the Baby Food Maker has a 4-cup work bowl, blade lock system (the blade won’t fall out when you pour food out of the bowl), a “steam blade” and bowl lid that seals. The steam blade is unique to Cuisinart. They claim it creates “even steam distribution” making it quicker and more efficient than other steamer/processors. A plastic measuring cup is included and it comes in three colors.

According to Cuisinart, it takes about 20 minutes to steam carrots (presumably less for less dense foods). Once you’ve steamed the vegetables, you turn the knob back and forth to the chop setting a few times then hold the knob on chop to finish pureeing.

To facilitate warming a baby bottle, flip up the lid to reveal a bottle size compartment. Just fill the water reservoir and slip in the bottle with milk/formula, set the timer and go. It includes a bottle adaptor ring for different size bottles, which stores in the lid.Check out this video for more on how to use it:

The Cuisinart Baby Food maker gets mostly positive reviews from readers, but there are significant complaints about it that cause us some concern. Those complaints typically surface after using the unit for a while. Many parents were concerned that they could not access the water reservoir to completely clean it. They claim it grows black mold, which could get into the food. Others noted the unit stopped pureeing, the bowl cracked or the unit leaked water.

Because of these issues (which happened after owning the Cuisinart Baby Food maker), we only give it an average rating. Parents may only need a steamer/processor for three to six months while baby is eating pureed food so in that case you might want to take the chance with it. Rating: C