Shermag Jenny Lind Crib, Navy

Shermag is a Canadian furniture company best known for their glider rockers (reviewed here). In the 2000’s, the company did sell nursery furniture (cribs, dressers) in the US, before abandoning that effort in the last recession. In 2016, it appears the company is mounting a small comeback, selling a limited number of cribs online.

The Shermag Jenny Lind crib runs $200 and comes in various colors, including the navy blue pictured at right. That’s interesting, because you rarely see color cribs in that price range (most are white or brown). We’re impressed that these cribs have wheels, as that is another feature you don’t see in $200 cribs,

Yes, Shermag also has a few other more pricey cribs, including a $560 model that strikes a mid-century pose (the Capri). But these are hard to find, either in stores or online.

Since they are so new, we haven’t seen any parent feedback. We have also not been able to see them in person as of this writing, Overall, however, we have found Shermag to be a reputable company.

We should note that even though Shermag is a Canadian company, these cribs are imported from Indonesia. Rating: Not Yet.