LA Baby Window

Importer LA Baby is probably more well-known for their crib mattresses, but the company also sells cribs to both consumer and day care centers.

Made in China, these cribs start at $130 for a metal model and $350-$400 for wood versions. Example: LA Baby’s Window Crib with plexiglass end panels for $210. These cribs have an institutional feel to them, which makes sense since LA Baby sells cribs to day care centers and hospitals.

In the past year, LA Baby dropped their line of nursery dressers, which was probably a good thing as the quality on these items did not impress (stapled drawers, etc). Online reviews knock LA Baby for its customer service, or lack thereof.

Finally, on that Window crib you see pictured—yes, that is a swing-gate drop side (which is still legal in the US). We’re not big fans of this style of crib, as it provides a baby a toe-hold to use to climb out of the crib.

Rating: C