Cafe Kid Devon Convertible 4 in 1 cribWeb site: Café

Better known for its older kid furniture (bunk beds, etc), CafeKid also periodically sells a crib and dresser at Costco, both online and in the warehouses. These cribs run $400-$500 in store, $600 to $650 online (includes shipping and handling). Their cribs are standard convertibles featuring rather conservative styling.

We saw a CafeKid crib in a Costco warehouse and were impressed—made in Thailand, it features a wood slat mattress platform and converts to a full-size bed. The price includes the conversion rails to a full-size bed . . . and that’s a great deal.

As for the dresser, it featured dovetail drawers, corner blocks and laminate drawer boxes. The metal glides, however, were lower quality. Still, not a bad value at $400, but not as good of a deal as the crib.

Reader feedback on these items has been positive. One reader who posted to our message boards said the quality is excellent and the crib is easy to assemble. Others echoed that sentiment.

Of course, the problem with any deal at Costco is availability. Cribs are often available at Costco in January and February although we’ve occasionally seen them at other times of the year. Once you see them at the store, the items will probably only be at the warehouse for a limited time. Finally, sometimes  you can order the crib online from Costco for $600 to $650 or the crib plus dresser for $1250. While those prices include shipping and handling, you can buy a crib and dresser from many of our top-rated brands for less than this brand’s online pricing.

So it is a split opinion on CafeKid—if you can find it in a Costco warehouse, go for it. Ordering this brand online, however, is not worth it. Rating: B+ (store only)