Bloom Alma Mini Urban Mini Folding Crib Frame Frost Grey
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Known for its modern high chairs and accessories, Bloom’s flagship design in the crib category is a mini-crib called the Alma. With two mattress heights, the Alma folds for storage and is designed for babies under one year of age.

In spite of its $380 price tag, the Alma earns generally good reviews from parents. Dissenters say the mini-crib is too small for even six month olds—and some folks were unhappy they couldn’t use it for much longer than a bassinet. Of course, Bloom doesn’t pitch the Alma as a full-size crib replacement—it is a MINI crib designed for use up to one year of age. Overall, we can see this as a bassinet alternative for urban parents who are starved for space. For others, a playpen with a bassinet feature (that you’d leave set up in your bedroom) would be a more practical (and affordable) alternative than the Alma.

In the past few years, Bloom has expanded the Alma line to include two larger versions: the Alma Papa and the Alma Max. Like the mini, the Papa is still not a full-size crib (49″ long versus 52″ for a typical full-size crib). The Papa fold ups and features casters for mobility. Price: $750. A conversion rail ($160) turns the Papa into a toddler bed. One major caveat to the Papa: since it is three inches shorter (in width and length) than a standard size crib, you’ll have to use their special mattress and bedding to fit the Papa.

The Alma Max, however, is a standard size crib for $850 with similar features as all the Alma cribs (folding , etc), although the Max lacks wheel casters for some reason.

Next, Bloom offers another full size crib called the Luxo, a modern design that can be assembled without tools. Price: $1300 for a crib, with a matching dresser for another $1000.

Finally, Bloom recently released a full size crib called the Retro. Design-wise, this is a pretty cool looking crib. They describe it as a mid-century aesthetic with curved and rounded design elements. Available in Oak, Coconut White, and a combination of the two colors, this crib retails for $1200.

Quality-wise, we’ve noticed recent reports of the Alma crib’s paint chipping and peeling away after two years of use. An Amazon reviewer posted this image of her two-year-old Alma:


This Alma crib's paint started peeling and cracking after two years of use.

This Alma crib’s paint started peeling and cracking after two years of use.

As with any online report, it’s hard to verify if this problem happened because of a defect in the Alma’s finish or if the crib was stored improperly and that led to the issue. But this isn’t the only online report of the Alma crib’s finish cracking/peeling, so we are concerned about quality control with this brand.

Bottom line: Bloom’s Alma mini crib appeals to a small niche: space-starved, urban parents. But the mini crib will only buy you about a year’s worth of time (or less) before you’ll need a full-size crib. The minimalist, modern design is the star here, but the limited utility and high price limit Bloom’s appeal.

Rating: B-