Britax B-Ready 2018 G3 vs G2 What’s new? What’s Changed?

Britax B-Ready 2018 G3 vs G2: What’s new? What’s Changed? Britax has released a new 2018 version of its popular multi-function stroller, the B-Ready. The new model is the B-Ready G3 and the outgoing model (released in 2016) was called the B-Ready G2.

So what’s new? What’s changed?

The short answer: not much. Both the G2 and G3 feature foam-filled rubber wheels, an included car seat adapter for Britax infant car seats and the same number of configurations. Yes, there are new fashions for the G3 (black, grey, navy, blue, light green and a soft grey)—but these are roughly similar to the G2 fashions (black, grey, blue, red, green).

Here’s the big change: Britax has released a deluxe version of the B-Ready called the B-Ready Nanotex. It features several extras: an adult cup holder, child tray, rain cover and what Britax calls “softer premium fabric.” The other big headline: The B-Ready Nanotex has an extendable canopy. As of this writing, Nanotex is only available at independent baby stores that are part of the Brixy network.

Of course, you can already buy those extra items that come bundled the Nanotex as separate accessories (like the child tray for $24).  So we’re not really sure the Nanotex adds any value except the extended canopy and premium fabric.

And the price, as you’d expect is more. The official retail for the Britax B-Ready is $500 and the Nanotex version is $600. Albee Baby is selling a B-Ready Nanotex for $800 with an included second seat. (FYI, you can still snag the outgoing G2 model for $300-330 on Amazon, depending on the color).

Here’s the release schedule for the Britax B-Ready G3:

Out now: Black (at Amazon) and Nanotex (Albee Baby)
July 23: Haze (grey) fashion.
July 30: Navy fashion.
Mid-August: Pistachio (light green) and Lapis (blue). B-Ready second seats in all colors will be released as accessories.

So let’s sum up: Britax 2018 B-Ready G3 vs G2 What’s new? What’s Changed? The G3 is basically a fashion refresh, where the stroller is the same but stroller fabric colors change. The big news is the upgraded Nanotex version with an extendable canopy and several bundled extras (an adult cup holder, child tray, rain cover and what Britax calls “softer premium fabric”). Of course, this comes at a higher price: $600 list price versus $500 retail for the base G3 model.

Those are list prices. Based on the last model, we’d expect them to drop in a couple of months to about $400 for the base model. And during Black Friday, the Britax B-Ready G2 hit an all-time low of $300. So hold out until November if you must get the G3. Or snag a G2 model now before the stock sells through.

Here’s a look at the Britax B-Ready Nanotex with second seat included as sold by Albee Baby.

Britax B-Ready 2018 G3 vs G2 What's new? What's Changed?