51B7SO8qPNL._SL1000_Web site: Freemie.com

Price: $157

Type: Professional

Comments: Freemie offers both a manual pump and an electric double pump, the Freedom, as well as a collection system that can be used for other pump brands. Their mojo is a system that more comfortably allows you to pump hands free. Instead of the traditional style flange attached to a collection bottle, the Freemie Freedom uses breast shaped cups that slip under your bra. The following graphic shows how they’re placed:




Freemie graphic

The cups then have to be emptied into a storage bottle or baby bottle–there aren’t tubes connected to storage bottles as with traditional breast pumps.

The Freemie Freedom Deluxe sells for $160. The pump comes with only one speed setting, so it’s not as customizable as other high end pumps. The collection cups are available separately for $60. Compatible pumps include Avent, Ameda and Medela.

So what do moms think of the Freemie? They aren’t impressed. Some note that the system is not as “invisible” as the company claims, although it is a lot less cumbersome than hands free collection bottles from other manufacturers. The pump is rather loud, however, so pumping at your desk may not be an option. Others note it may take longer to pump with this system because suction is weak and it doesn’t have customizable settings. Overall, we’ll give the pump only a C.

FYI: Graco is releasing a Freemie breast pump in early 2018 under the Nuk brand. The Nuk Expressions, the current breast pump from Nuk, will be replaced at that time. Check back with us for more information once the new Nuk version hits store shelves.

Rating: C