SCF334_12-IMS-en_USWeb site: Breast Pump review: Avent Comfort

Price: $130-$150 for the Single; $199.99 $159.99 for the Double (pictured).

Type: Professional.

Comments: Avent breast pumps have been pretty successful with their change to a pump that doesn’t require moms to lean forward. Our readers were definitely relieved. Finally, a break for sore backs.

Avent also improved the assembly of their single and double electric pumps making the directions easier to follow, plus they still come with their five-petal massage cushion developed to improve letdown. The pumps come with three pump settings plus an initial gentle mode to help with letdown.

Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric breast pump

Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric breast pump

The Comfort Double ($199.99 $159.99) comes with two 4 oz. bottles with nipples, breast pads, spare diaphragm, sealing disks for milk storage and travel pouch. The Comfort Single ($130), however, does not include a travel bag and comes with only one bottle and nipple plus a breast pad sample pack. For an extra $50, we’d recommend the Double version: you’ll empty your breasts faster with a double and get more accessories.

Our readers are generally split into two camps when it comes to pumps: Medela vs. Avent. Medela fans like the wide availability of parts and Medela’s excellent customer service. Avent fans love the pump’s overall quality and compatibility with Avent’s very popular bottles—the pump connects directly to the bottles, etc. Avent customer service is exceptional.

Some criticized the suction saying it was too weak for them to get much milk. They noted they almost never used the lower levels of suction—only the highest got enough milk for them. Others noted it was noisy–kinda embarrassing when you’re pumping at work. Rating: B Breast Pump review: Avent Comfort