Web site: BaileyMed.com

Price: $90 Basic, $111 Deluxe.

Type: Professional

Comments: the Bailey Medical Nurture III pump comes in two versions—basic and deluxe. You can also buy just the motor (new or refurbished, from their web site). It’s claim to fame: the Nurture III is one of the few small pump approved for multiple users by the FDA. Hence you can buy this pump and hand it down to a friend or sell it online. The Nurture III features fully adjustable suction and manual cycling, where mom can control the cycling pattern. This feature takes some practice, say our readers—and isn’t a plus for sleep-deprived moms.

Fans say it does a great job at expressing milk, but others have a problem letting-down with the Nurture III. You’ll also need to use your finger to create the suction. This requirement frustrated some parents. The pump also uses overflow filters that must be replaced periodically ($3.25 each).

The deluxe version includes an insulated carry bag with ice pack, four extra bottles and an instructional DVD (pictured). Bottom line: this is a good pump, but hard to find in stores. It is mostly sold online. Rating: B+