May 9, 2017: Breaking: Recaro quits US car seat and stroller business! Baby Bargains has confirmed the European-based company has discontinued all its car seats and strollers in the US, effectively withdrawing from North America.

The company was involved in a protracted fight with US safety regulators over its flagship ProRide convertible car seats, finally agreeing to a recall of 100,000+ seats in 2015.

Damage to Recaro’s brand and reputation was too much to recover from, according to our analysis.

While the company is selling through it stock of seats on Amazon and other retailers, we would recommend NOT buying any Recaro products at this time. We generally recommend NOT buying any product that is discontinued, as it is uncertain what customer service would be available in the future. (Recaro Europe will continue to sell car seats).

If you have friends with Recaro car seats or stroller, please share this story so they are aware!